A quick word about what I am not:

  • a Literary Agent
  • a Publisher

And now a quick word about what I am:

  • a services-plus Editor; I will make your manuscript shine, with a full structural edit, line-edit and proof-reading.
  • a source of advice on publishing;
    I will help you:

    • define your genre and target audience
    • determine which literary agent or traditional publishing house represents your best chance at success
    • identify exemplar books to assist your publishing submission
    • help you develop a submissions letter and package
    • pursue alternative options for independent publishing if desired
  • an e-book producer; Word document to HTML to ePub conversion, cover design, ISBN, metadata, and e-commerce account establishment
  • a web designer;
    I will build you an author platform from which you can:

    • sell your e-book at the highest royalty rate
    • display your portfolio
    • build your audience with blog posts and news
    • collect secondary revenue through my unique technique.

These services are available as “drive away, no more to pay” or “full services” packages.

To discuss your requirements and tailor your no obligation quote, please contact me initially by email at emilyforemphasis@gmail.com