Saints and Slaves

Saints and Slaves

Congratulations to Doctor Martin Sullivan on publishing: Saints and Slaves: A History of Catholic Schooling and the Catholic Church in the diocese of Townsville, North Queensland – 1870 to 1970.

This book has resurrected the stories of the men and women who served the Catholic Church in Queensland. Stories that have slipped into the darkness of anonymity.

When these holy pioneers left Ireland for the northern wilds of the new colony of Queensland, little could they imagine how deeply their devotion would be tested by this barren and hostile landscape. The depths of the poverty and the hardships they would face with only their resilience, resourcefulness, and zeal.

Even the most recognisable name from that time Mary Mackillop – Mother Mary of the Cross has had only a fraction of her true tale told.

This book parts history’s curtains to bring you the stories of this saint and those who worked as willing slaves to establish the Catholic Church in Queensland.