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Anthology Aaronson smartphone app

Friends, writers, countrymen (of Logan in particular and Queensland in general) … lend me your ears!

I have this great plan.  And I’m applying for an RADF grant in order to make it happen.

This plan is to create a free smartphone app called Anthology Aaronson targeting commuters containing 20 of your short stories.

At the bottom of each short story is the option to:

  • share the story through the subscriber’s Facebook feed, and
  • buy an e-book from the author of the short story.

So, in marketing terms, the short story is a lead generator for your work for sale, a tool for building your audience, and a way to publicise upcoming releases.

In order to gain RADF funding, I really need your support.  You can demonstrate your support by leaving a message in the Comments below containing the following:

  • Your name
  • The title and genre of the short story you would like to contribute
  • Contact details (a phone number or an email address)

Here is the Project Description from my application:

In today’s distraction rich environment, literature often plays second fiddle to other pastimes. On buses and trains all over the world, e-books jostle for attention against apps like Candy Crush and social media sites like Facebook.

As a Logan writer, I understand the greatest challenge is attracting and holding the attention of an audience.

According to Macquarie University, author earnings are at an all time low of $12,000/annum; a third of minimum wage.  Lack of awareness of this issue contributes to its continuance.

Drawing upon my background and experience as a computer programmer and database analyst in the nineties and noughties, I have come up with an innovative strategy to attract and retain readership for my work and that of other authors in Logan and throughout Queensland.

New audiences for short stories and novels can be found by effectively exploiting smartphone functionality and engaging directly with audiences in a manner familiar to them.

I will create an app, like the popular game Candy Crush, and use the popular social media site Facebook, to promote it.  The app will contain twenty short stories from Logan authors.  The app will be advertised on buses and at coffee shop tills in the form of a QR code.

When downloaded onto a smartphone, the app will ping every weekday morning at 7.00am with the story of the day.  Whilst on their commute, the subscriber can read the short story.  At the bottom of the story is a discount on an e-book from the supplying author which the subscriber may purchase with a single tap.  Also at the bottom of the app is a ‘Like’ button so the subscriber can share the short story through their Facebook feed attracting further readership for the contributing author.

Each day a new story is made available through the app.  This drip feed approach will build and retain readership.

This strategy aims to encourage reading among the target audience; commuters, and generate sales for the authors who contribute their short stories.

The app approach to disseminating short stories allows for important metrics to be acquired, such as bus routes of greatest engagement, collection of email addresses from interested subscribers, and conversion rate from short story subscriber to e-book purchaser.


Only through innovation, and support can authors increase their earnings to a living wage and spread their stories as far as possible.


Thank you for your support.  I look forward to reading your stories.


  1. I’m a writer of every genre imaginable and I know this app would serve me well in broadening my available/potential audience and increasing sales of my books. Thank you, Emily, for your inspiration and initiative.

  2. I’m a writer, dreamer and lover of science fiction. I’d be submitting stories in the Sci Fi/Fantasy Genre. I do lean towards young adult fiction but want to spread my wings to embrace other genres to entertain my readers.

  3. This certainly has my interest. I’m a Logan writer and I write predominantly in speculative fiction, short and long form works. Feel free to email me and we can get into a few more details.

  4. Great idea, Emily! I can see it working! I write short stories for general readership & YA across a number of genres. Does it matter if the story has been previously published? What is the length max & min and can the stories be illustrated?

    • admin

      October 13, 2016 at 6:41 am

      I do not mind if the story has been previously published. As long as you retain the copyright and do not feel that the other publisher will mind. I am looking at 2,500-3,000 words for the stories. A good length for a commute to the city. As for illustrations, sounds interesting. I’ll give it a go.

  5. Hi Emily,
    My name is Karen Tyrrell, award winning Logan resilience author.
    I write mysterious sci-fi fantasy stories with a twist as well as dramatic memoir. I’m very interested in your project and wish you every success.
    I have a question … could the short story be a compressed excerpt from a novel already published?
    Could you please contact me when your project is confirmed?
    Karen http://www.karentyrrell.com

    • admin

      October 21, 2016 at 9:28 am

      Dear Karen,

      The theme of the project is a general fiction anthology. I plan to include a link to any work you have for sale in the Author Bio box.

      And yes Karen, I can’t wait to contact you with some good news. Please cross your fingers for me. Notification of success or failure is due mid-December.

  6. What an awesome idea! As a short story writer struggling with visibility, this app would be perfect for me. I hope that it eventually rolls out in South Australia…!

  7. Publishing can be so old-fashioned – it’s wonderful to hear of new and technologically innovative approaches to reaching new audiences in new places. This is an app I’d love as a reader and certainly one I’ll be keeping an eye on as a writer. Best of luck with it!

  8. Hey my story is called ‘Teeth’, and it’s about a crew of prawn trawling fishermen in the Gulf of Carpentaria who must figure out what to do about a dental crisis aboard.

    It’s general fiction, but it is a Qld story. Good luck!

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