Dear fellow Author,

Allow me to introduce myself; Emily for Emphasis, at your service. I am an author, Technical Writer, editor, IT professional with 15 years experience, and a Microsoft Certified Professional.

As an author, I learned the secrets of the new digital marketplaces and I understand just how confusing the process must seem.

I offer this expertise to bring your book to this new marketplace.

My services include:

  • e-book production; full editing and proofing, manuscript conversion, cover design, ISBN and metadata.
  • establishing on-line presence; create custom author platform.  Set up merchant, e-vendor, and social media accounts.
  • portfolio compilation; spread your fame by sharing your short stories, poems and upcoming projects
  • marketing package; identify and pursue your target audience. Create social media bulletins.  Write press releases.
  • royalty maximisation; exclusive insider techniques
    • double your royalties
    • gain a secondary income stream without making any extra sales.

I will work with you every step of the way: from creating a personalised action plan with milestones and checkpoints to launching this book and every other book you write.

To assess your individual requirements, please make initial enquiries via